You can influence the words that will be in your child's mind as an adult when he makes mistakes, faces difficulties or experiences strong emotions

Do you want them to be these words?

  • Yuck, how does it look!
  • Where were you looking?!
  • What will people think now!
  • Your hands are growing out of your ass!
  • You're just clumsy!
  • You can never do anything normally!
  • Stand aside, you fool, let me do it!
  • Well, I knew it, I said it would happen!
  • You have nothing to fear! There is nothing to be afraid of!
  • A tiny scratch, nothing to squawk about here!

Or is this better?

  • Oh! I'm scared of the noise! I'll get a broom and sweep up the shards. I'm sorry about the broken mug. But it can happen to anyone.
  • Hmm... this one didn't work out for me. Sorry, But I'll try again. I know I will eventually!
  • I am quite worried at the moment. I'll call my mum/friend/partner. I will share my grief. I know she/he will listen to me and then I will feel better!
  • So, it looks like I need "help from the grass" in this situation, I can't do it alone. I'm going to ask a colleague/boss/neighbour for help!

It is in our power to give children a prism, a perspective from which and through which to view themselves and the world.

And this view has a huge impact on quality of life.

Yes, of course, it has a lot to do with how we see ourselves and the world.

The good news is that we can change it with will, work and repetition.

What is something you say to yourself in difficult moments, when you are in a moment of experience, a mistake, a failure?

Share in the comments!

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