How does the PEP Mum Consultation work?

Maybe you've been thinking about applying for a PEP Mum consultation for a while, but you're still not sure how it will work, what you'll discuss and what support a PEP Mum can give you? Here I describe what a PEP Mum consultation is.

Emotional First Aid Mum (PEP Mum) is a professional support person for families with a baby from birth to three years.

The first time, the PEP Mum gets to know the Mum, the baby and possibly also the Dad if he wants to be part of the conversation. They clarify exactly how the mum or parents are experiencing difficulties with the baby, what would be desirable to change and improve, and try to find together some way to make the situation easier for mum and baby at the moment. However, it is often not possible to see a lasting and sustainable solution immediately, this is likely to be clarified in subsequent meetings.

PEP Mum does not share general advice, but strengthens and encourages mums to look within themselves for answers. If needed, parents can also get information - both related to the baby's development at that moment (physical and emotional development at a certain age, how to understand the baby's "language", breastfeeding and feeding, hand-feeding, dressing, amount and quality of sleep, etc.) and to specific difficulties, such as excessive crying of the baby.

The PEP Mum's advice is mostly aimed at strengthening the new mum's confidence in her feelings about her baby. There is certainly room for the mum to choose the solution that is most acceptable to her.

What does PEP Mum do?


PEP Mum provides support and encouragement to new parents in the first days and weeks after their baby's arrival in the world, as well as in the first years of their baby's life, and offers the help they need to settle into their new roles as mum and dad.

Powered by

Helps parents to recognise the signals their child is giving and encourages them to respond in an informed way.


Helps you understand your baby's needs and tells you how to help your baby adapt to the world in the first stages of life.


They advise on various baby-related issues - breastfeeding, carrying, bathing, dressing, etc., as well as parents themselves on recognising their emotional state when becoming new parents.


Helps to address a range of potential problems, such as anxiety, sleep difficulties, excessive crying, etc.

Discuss at

Discusses child development and parenting issues, including helping to understand age-appropriate behaviour, routines, appropriate play, etc.

Helps to distinguish

It helps to distinguish between difficulties related to the child's development and age, and those that should be addressed by a professional (doctor, psychologist, psychotherapist).

Supported by

Supports and strengthens parents in different life situations and (informed) parenting choices.

Finally, I have attached a video of how a consultation with a PEP mum usually goes.

I hope you find the answers to your questions! If you have any further doubts or would like to clarify more about the advice and support available, feel free to contact me at [email protected]. See you in consultations!

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