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About Elina

Bye! I'm Elina, and I want to bring a little joy and peace to your relationship with your children. As a PEP mum and a passionate child development researcher, I'm here to help you keep your sanity as you navigate the wild and wonderful adventure of raising little ones.

Armed with a background in psychology and a heart full of empathy, I'm your shoulder to lean on, whether you're trying to crack the secret language of babies or go through a whirlwind of two-year-old tantrums. In addition, my ability to listen actively and my "just the right amount" sense of humour make our meetings more like conversations with a friend than rigid consultations.

These are not just empty words! Read, what those parents saywho have already found solace and support in my little Parenting in a bubble. Our online meetings and Warm visits to parents' homes - on the road to becoming the mum or dad you've always wanted to be - are full of laughter, tears and lots of "aha!" moments.

My work is based on the belief that with awareness, love and a little extra information, every parent can build an empathetic, secure attachment relationship with their children. Remember, every child wants to be the best child for their parents. You can help them to fulfil that hope - with respect and trust.

By the way, unless I'm strumming a guitar or clinking a piano or walking the dog or busy with my mommy duties, you'll probably find me absorbed in the latest research on child psychology, parenting and child-parent relationships. There is still much new to learn and discover in this field.

So, whether you're a green cucumber in the role of a parent or already have a good group of kids but are looking for a new perspective, I'm here to be your ally - Consult, group classes, online mini-courses, email and in other formats.

Elīna Kļaviņa

Here are some dry facts about my educational and professional development path:

2021 - ... University of Latvia. Bachelor's study programme in Psychology

2021 2021 (June - July) TBRI® (Trust-Based Relationship Building) Practitioner Training by Karyn Purvis Child Development Institute

2019 - ... I teach Child Emotional Education (CEA) classes (certificate No.19-74/III)

2018 - ... I practice as a certified PEP mum (certificate number PEP 014)

2014 - 2018 Training centre of the Family Psychology Centre "LINA". PEP Mum Training

2014 - 2023 Chairwoman of the Board of the Family Support Association "Tēvi"

2006 2006 University of Latvia. Bachelor's degree in Sociology

Read or listen to me here:

I am convinced that parents can experience a more peaceful and joyful relationship with their children by receiving empathetic support and care from the people closest to them. Both in my work as a PEP Mum and in educating new parents in group sessions, my mission is to promote empathy, mindfulness and an evidence-based approach to parenting.

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