Problems with maternal instinct and intuition

The birth of a child is the moment when a baby is born and so are mum, dad, sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts and grandparents.

Relationships are born that have never existed before.

The "privilege" of the mother in this birth is that she has experienced the new human being in a physical way before birth, there have been mutual physical sensations, communication.

I should certainly add here that for everyone else, the relationship with the baby has been formed beforehand, in the form of thoughts and feelings, sometimes also touch, but of course not as present as it is for the woman.

You see, even though a relationship has already started before birth, after birth it is a new beginning.

A new beginning involves great uncertainty, ignorance and unfamiliarity.

It's OK if you don't immediately feel what to do with your newborn.

It's ok if you don't understand what he wants and how to help him, even at 5 months.

It's OK if you don't understand what you have to say now in that completely incomprehensible situation when he is 15!

And here it is time to talk about concepts.

INSTINCTS and. Ta-da!! It's that crazy and overwhelming desire of parents to take care of their baby. It is the sometimes or very often chaotic, uncomprehending care. The instinct illuminates itself, for example, with the following questions - what's wrong with him? How can I calm him down now?

And then there is INTUITION. This, by the way, is also sometimes thrown around in conversations as a statement: when you have a child, you will have intuition and you will know everything!

Intuition is a process. Yes, the person who spends the most time with the child, who cares for the child and knows the child the longest, develops the best intuition.

Remember! Neither instinct nor intuition gives you a clear idea of what your child needs or the skills to meet it!

Caring for and bringing up a child involves facing uncertainties and difficulties. Instinct helps to maintain the desire to deal with these difficulties and to learn skills (such as breastfeeding and dressing). Intuition, which develops over time, helps to sense what is the right solution to a problem for that person.

I am here to help you to shelve your feelings and your imagined solutions so that there is room to listen to your intuition.

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