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I meet many wonderful parents on a daily basis - in one-to-one counselling, on courses and in other ways. Here are some of the testimonials I have received after our collaboration.

Feedback on PEP for mum consultations

Thank you for the conversation! It was very useful for me, because when I talk to a professional, I don't get so distracted and I feel like everything is in my head! Thank you so much for your time and energy!

Thank you very much for our conversation! I am so happy and grateful that after a long time of not knowing how to do the right thing and help my little one to cope better with his emotions, we finally have a plan. No more complete ignorance and fear about the future and contact with other children.

Thank you very much for your empathy, attentive listening and valuable conversation! This is definitely my way of coping with the confusion of thoughts in everyday situations, which in the end also shape everyday life, ourselves, our children... It is food for thought and a haven of peace at the same time! Thank you! Much appreciated!

I was very blessed by this conversation. Time flew by and it meant for me that I was in the flow and inside working on myself, despite the topic being heavy enough. Going through a painful topic and situation became easier after an hour, because sharing with you, with a professional, helped you to understand how to proceed, how to be in the moments when you are not well and how you can help yourself preventively and be aware of your resources! Thank you for your time and energy! A real pleasure to talk to you. You are a great listener and this listening skill (as well as the right questions, at the right time) on your part was so essential for me to really go deep inside myself. I am very grateful to you! Thank you!

Feedback from For BEA graduates

Elina's knowledge, ability to bring the group together, to talk and listen are invaluable. The format of the course is a great example of how such courses can be run today - there is a theoretical part, an online lesson for the whole group and three one-to-one conversations with Elina. I gained very valuable experience and knowledge as a result of all this.

If you want to think about the various topics of child rearing that arise more unconsciously in everyday life, then I recommend taking Elīna's BEA course. It gave me a greater understanding of my own child, his needs and that a lot of what society accepts as "bad" is just normal and how to respond to it in a calm, reasonable, respectful way. Elina was very pleasant and calm and through examples and suggestions she told supportive ways of raising a child. I can see and feel that everything worked out for us - we can talk a lot and we are able to translate the "niceties" more accurately as elementary everyday moments.

Very nice person, experienced both as a PEP mum and as a "just" mum, examples from life - in addition to the cool content, it was a pleasure to meet/listen to you. 🙂 Loved the humour, the real-life examples, the no-judging atmosphere.

I have already recommended it to a friend who has recently had little ones and is yet to have any. I explained that the leader was very cool and the course was about modern child rearing, which was very important to me. The amount of information is clear and easy to understand. The time invested was easy to connect with a young child.

I tell my friends that you have managed to create meetings that, instead of putting extra strain and tension on the parents, make it easier to work with the little one on a daily basis, because clarity takes away fear and gives you confidence in what you are doing. You are good at presenting material in a way that is easy to understand, engaging, with examples both from life and academically sound. This is the best decision I could have made and I am glad that I found out about these courses of yours on Twitter.

Feedback on Mom Zoom support classes

These meetings are an opportunity to stop, reflect, be heard and accepted, to learn not to be afraid of your emotions, to accept them. The group is my safe environment, where I can be completely honest.

"Elina has great calm, understanding, knowledge and wisdom of life. In my weekly calls I felt supported, safe and increasingly confident in myself, my thoughts and that everything is okay. These calls are a great option in this busy, anxious and strange time not to get lost in your own slightly contrived and inflated bubbles. Thank you!"

"If I was sceptical when I applied about whether this support would be good for me, now I can't wait for next week, when the next Mum Zoom will take place. These group calls have made me realise how empowering it is to be in a group of 'insiders'. I have become more compassionate towards myself and I am also able to empathise and accept difference much better."

I have attended 6 talks, during which I have gained insights, including practical advice. My benefits: - I am able to cope more easily with "difficult moments" in everyday life with my children, I feel less anger - I feel safe in society to act according to my values in raising my children - I am able to take responsibility more often, to draw boundaries respectfully - I am able to feel more myself, my emotions and to realise renewal - I feel more and more like the mum I want to be - loving, supportive and secure in my role as a mum.

Feedback on weekly emails

Thank you, Elin! It is always a pleasure to read your letters. You have such a wonderful sense of humour. 🙂

Thanks for the cool e-letter. A very necessary and useful reminder about our brains. I laughed, because there really are times when everything, everything, everything is "lumped into one pot" when times are tough. Thank you for your time in writing to us and cheering us up.

Thank you Elīna for your lightness, sincerity and dose of humour about music 😀

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