What kind of mum or dad are you?

People like to put people in boxes. Here we can put parents into 4 boxes by observing their parenting style. I like to compare these styles with heads of state or subjects. In life, of course, none of these exist in a pure form.

× Authoritative parenting style

A leader who leads by example, is democratic, empathetic, but knows how to set boundaries. (For example, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau.) Children with such parents have been shown to have better achievement, development, health and relationships with their parents.

× Authoritarian parenting style

He knows better than everyone. The ultimate goal is to have very strict boundaries and to guard them unconditionally. Discipline is very harsh. Does not tolerate defiance. (For example, A. Lukashenko from Belarus.) 2% from all parents. Usually uncooperative. This means that there is one in the family. The other usually compensates for this.

× A permissive parenting style

Love is the key. Nothing should ever be off limits. Children should never suffer from restrictions. Let them try everything. Let them do what they want. Let them sleep if they want to sleep and not sleep if they don't. A child should never hear the word "no". What a child says is my law!

× Non-involved parenting style

Like a TV remote control. Or a sofa. Or a piece of furniture. Indifferent, often aggressive, unfeeling. A child raised by someone else. I don't get on the same way. I'm not meant for it anyway. Let others cope. They can, I can't. Children, it's a terrible thing! And, little one, step aside!

Which parent are you?

We talk about parenting styles in Lesson 7 of the Emotional Education of the Child course, when the topic is positive discipline. A new group will start in September, if you would like to enrol, go to this link - https://elinaklavina.lv/kursi/berna-emocionala-audzinasana-tiessaistes-kurss/

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