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Ho-ho-ho! Christmas is just around the corner and although it is a joyful and pleasantly exciting holiday, it can also bring its share of challenges, especially when it comes to meeting up with family and friends. I know how difficult it can be for parents to keep calm and avoid unnecessary stress during these joint celebrations.

Remember all those times when someone made a comment or criticism about the way you care for your child? Remember how you thought a lot afterwards about how you could have responded better so that there was no conflict and it didn't hurt so much? After the war, everyone is wise, as they say, because the real answers usually come only afterwards.

When confronted with astonishing comments about choices, actions and child-rearing, confusion (which can be one of the "normal" reactions to a boundary violation) can lead to a reaction that leads to regret.

The celebrations are about being together. Different people coming together, each with their own "lice" and "cockroaches". Of course, the people closest to you are the ones who can move you the most emotionally, so do NOT set yourself a task and a duty that is almost impossible and might sound something like "I'll stand over Mum's comments! I won't let them hurt me this time!"

If you are learning about your emotions and needs, it is clear that boundary violations and emotional abuse can hurt you. These are normal reactions in such abnormal situations.

So don't burden yourself with high expectations.

Maybe you manage to listen to these comments as a passer-by: "How's it going?"

To help you deal with difficult situations, I have created a special resource: a PDF guide with answers to the most popular critical and sometimes silly comments we often receive as parents about raising children. This guide will give you precise answers and strategies to keep your sanity and avoid unnecessary conflicts at Christmas.

To purchase your PDF guide "Festive Conversational Dictionary", simply click on the image below:

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