I want my child to be better off than I was

Everyone wants it, except those who don't. 😉

Today, there is every opportunity to make a child's life "better" by building on what scientists have learned.

It is 10-20% that we use methods of upbringing that are the opposite of what our parents or the people who raised us did, because we didn't like it as children.
10-20% We do it consciously the way our parents did it, because we liked it.

Accordingly, we do 60-80% unconsciously, instinctively.

If you, as a parent, educate yourself about the particularities of your child's age, process your childhood experiences by going to a professional (psychotherapist) and train your mindfulness, you are more likely to be able to "dampen" your experiences when raising your child and to put approaches into parenting that make your child's start in life "better".

I also invite you to look at why you think you did not do well as a child. Will doing things "in spite of" or compensating be fair to the child? Perhaps initially you need to gain peace about your experience and accept all that is good and not so good about it.

Purely practically, my recommendation is therefore:
1. What was wrong with your childhood? Be honest.
2. What is something that will make your child's life better? What will you do differently?

In the Emotional Education of the Child course You can learn about how to have a respectful relationship with your child and other research-based knowledge about raising children. But if you want to talk to me as a PEP mum about what's hot, confusing or difficult in your parenting experience at the moment, you'll find individual consultation 🙂

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