Free online lecture "Difficult mornings in kindergarten"

Summer has arrived and with it the preparations for the start/ continuation of kindergarten.

One of the most frequent questions in consultations on the subject of kindergarten is the difficult mornings before kindergarten.

I know that the night before kindergarten, your stomach sometimes (or often?) tightens into a knot because in the morning, THAT thing that is so hard to bear will happen again. It seems like it takes absolutely nothing to get your child to calmly get up and go to kindergarten without much drama.

To give you ideas on what you can change to make your kindergarten mornings more joyful and less tiring, I invite you to sign up for the free session "Difficult Kindergarten Mornings".

In this session I will explain the reasons for difficult mornings, what you need to take into account and how to support your child in this morning transition. So, as usual - practical, actionable advice!

WHEN: Wednesday 12 June at 19.00.

WHERE: fill in the form below with your email address by 12 June at 9.00.

I'll send you a link to the live stream on Wednesday. You can put my email address [email protected] in your email contacts now, so that my message is not thrown into spam or ads. (If you have previously unsubscribed from my emails, you need to sign up for them again right here on the home page of the website, otherwise the email system will not send you the message.)

By filling in this form, you confirm that you are happy to receive weekly letters from me on any topic related to parenting, parenting, emotions.

The session will be live, so you will have the opportunity to ask me questions. It will also be recorded and you will be able to listen to it one week after the live broadcast - until 19 June at 24.00. 

I'm Elīna Kļaviņa - mum of two, PEP mum (find out more - or, leader of the course Child Emotional Education, TBRI® practitioner (, future psychologist (currently studying psychology at the University of Latvia). You can find out more about me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter - @pepmammaelina, or on my website

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