Free online lesson "Now it's just beginning!"

"Now it's just beginning!" These were the words of a midwife when, 16 years ago, my newly born daughter was lying on my chest and I said to my husband, pumped but happy: "Well, it's over!"

Of course, I started to understand what was going to happen in the first hours after her, but I am still in the process today.

I invite you, a mum and/or dad who is expecting or whose baby is under 4 months old, to a FREE class on what to expect and how to prepare for the 4th trimester or postnatal period.

WHEREAS: Monday, 19 February at 19:00

WHERE: online, you will receive a link to the lesson in your email. Register for the class here:

In this lesson you will learn:

  • what can you expect in your feelings as a mum or dad after the birth and in the first months?
  • can the post-natal period be affected by what you experience in childbirth? What to do about it?
  • Is it possible to prepare for the postnatal period (practical advice)?
  • How "instinctive" is childcare? Can you expect to know how to breastfeed, pick up, put down, comfort, change, etc.?
  • where to look for "maternal instinct"?
  • where, to whom and when to seek support?

The session will be live, so you will have the opportunity to ask me questions. It will also be recorded and you will be able to listen to it one week after the live broadcast - until 25 March at 24.00. 

Sign up here:

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