Raising your child emotionally - online course

Parents with children up to 7 years of age are invited to join a 10-week online course - Child Emotional Education (CEA). Application form here: https://forms.gle/G2uHQnXf8psKvE4M8

Some feedback from previous participants:

Elina is very skilled and modern in using different channels and resources for better results - handouts, theory lectures in audio and video format, weekly e-meetings with other participants, one-to-one calls, etc. This allows both a more in-depth learning of the course material during the course and to look back on the material at a later stage - definitely useful! Elina has excellent skills in facilitating discussions, creating an inclusive and trusting environment and presenting theory in a way that is easy to apply in practice. Thank you Elina - I feel that after this course I am much better equipped to understand my child's emotional needs and how to build a better relationship with my child, so that my child can build that relationship with others in the future.

Elina's knowledge, ability to bring the group together, to talk and listen are invaluable. The format of the course is a great example of how such courses can be run today - there is a theoretical part, an online lesson for the whole group and three one-to-one conversations with Elina. I gained very valuable experience and knowledge as a result of all this.

The Emotional Education of the Child programme is aimed at parents with young children in the pre-school years, i.e. children up to 7 years of age. This programme is designed to help change children's behaviour and have a deeper impact on their emotional level and personal development. It encourages parents to discover and understand their own early childhood experiences. The programme provides information on the stages of development and the tasks a child needs to complete in order to grow into a happy, emotionally fulfilled person. Principles that promote emotional development are developed, together with concrete techniques.

In 10 sessions you will learn 10 topics:

  1. Child development and temperament
  2. Development and awareness of the body's abilities
  3. Attraction theory and building secure attachment
  4. The meaning and development of play. How to play with a child?
  5. Language development and respectful communication
  6. How is positive self-esteem built?
  7. What is disciplining? How to discipline so as not to "discipline" a child?
  8. Self-regulation of emotions
  9. Focus, planning, problem solving
  10. Social competence (friendship, cooperation), empathy, caring

The BEA programme is mainly adapted from the Canadian book Pathways to Competence. The programme was created in 2004 by psychologists Edith Ozol and Sarah Lundy.


Some abilities that develop in the first six years of life are critical because they lay the foundations for further development. These early capacities are like the roots from which a tree will later grow. If any of these critical capacities develop incompletely, further development is limited. The BEA programme describes ten steps that are important in the emotional upbringing of a child.


Children's development is determined by a complex interaction between hereditary factors and the environment. Even if a child has a congenital disorder, the relationship with the parents can influence the child's development and resilience. A child feels safer when parents are empathetic, supportive and have positive feelings towards the child, when parents are available and attentive. Secure attachment and emotional competence in the child will develop mainly if parents understand the child's needs and know how to meet them, and accept that the child must grow up to be independent and autonomous.


The main goal is to help parents raise emotionally healthy and capable children.


WHEREAS: TUESDAY MORNINGS 9:30-11:00 or EVENINGS 17:00-18:30

  • January - 23, 30.
  • February - 6, 13, 20, 27.
  • March - 5, 19, 26.
  • April - 2.

CIK: €297
You can pay the whole amount at once when you sign up, or €99 when you sign up and then €99 for two months.
To register for the course, you must have made at least the first payment of 99€.

Until 18 December 24:00 AGRA PUTNIŅA PRICE - 264€ for the full amount paid at once or 88€ x 3 in three instalments.

WHAT is included in the price?

  • 10 video lessonseach 20-80min long, which you can watch at your own convenience. One video per week. This video will be a theory on the topic of the week.
  • 10 ZOOM calls with the whole group once a week for 1.5h, where we discuss how the homework went, as well as the topic of the week. It is these calls that are the most important and most appreciated part of the course.
  • 2 individual conversations with me. Every 45 min. Consultations will take place at a pre-arranged time that is convenient for you. You can use these consultations as PEP mum support (if you have children under 3) or as an opportunity to discuss a topic you don't want to discuss in public in a group.
  • 10 weeks support via email and WhatsApp.
  • Homework every week.
  • All handouts compiled in a tangible "book" and sent to your nearest OMNIVA outlet.
  • The fee is per household, i.e. if a couple applies, this does not change the cost of the course.
  • You will receive a certificate after the course, BUT only if you have attended at least 7 ZOOM group calls.

Application form here: https://forms.gle/G2uHQnXf8psKvE4M8

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