Celebrate Mother's Day with PEP mums!

Every year, the week leading up to Mother's Day is packed with events organised by PEP mums from all over Latvia. This year is certainly no exception! From 6 to 12 May, PEP Moms will be offering classes, get-togethers, consultations - for free or with special discounts - all over Latvia and all over the world to get to know the work of PEP Moms and PEP Moms themselves.

This year I am offering consultations for a much reduced fee - both online and in person (in person, but only within Riga)! From 6 to 12 May only (inclusive), book an unlimited number of consultations in advance.

Face-to-face consultations (1h30min at your home) fee 50EUR (usually €70). Book a live consultation here: https://calendly.com/pepmammaelina/pep-mammas-konsultacija-majas-clone 

Online consultations (1h zoom/ google meet) max 30EUR (usually €50). Book an online consultation here: https://calendly.com/pepmammaelina/1h-pep-mammas-online-konsultacija-clone 

Friday, 10 May at 11:00 meet me on Instagram LIVE (look for me - @pepmammaelina).

On Mother's Day, 12 May, 13.00-19.00, we will celebrate together in person - at the Zentene Castle event for families "Full of Mara's Room". There we will talk about where a good enough mum starts and ends with the warm and sunny PEP mum-to-be, Madara Pauzer, author of "Mummy Feelings Diary" and the blog "Grow in Love".

To find out about events organised by other PEP Mums, check out the PEP Mums Association website pep.lv or social media - Instagram or Facebook @pepmammas.

Have a beautiful and sunny holiday!


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