ZOOM support classes for mums

Mothers with children under 2.5 years old are invited to apply for the online support group.

Application: https://forms.gle/BEyb5cBLiPNZZMEw6

The group will meet on Mondays, 9:30-11:00, from 4 March to 17 June.

  • Support from PEP mums and women in the group.
  • Answers to questions about child development.
  • An opportunity to share your feelings, thoughts and experiences in an accepting environment.
  • Feeling safe.
  • More confidence as a mum.

From the reviews:

"For me, Mamma Zoom is a place where everything is allowed to be as it is. Without embellishing, without hinting, in the uncensored version. By getting together once a week to talk to the mums (and myself), I learned to understand how I feel and what to do with those feelings. I am learning to take responsibility for myself, my emotions, desires and actions, growing in confidence both inside and outside the role of mum. I am becoming much more aware of my real needs, learning to accept them and looking for ways to fulfil them instead of ignoring them. I am learning to dare to speak up about what is important to me and know that I will be heard. Both the big revelations and the little everyday things. And if I don't feel ready to speak up, I hear the powerful me through the other mums. Sometimes, in the lonely everyday of motherhood, the Mum Zoom is where I am finally not alone. Sometimes this conversation is the only event that distinguishes one week from another. It's time to myself, without leaving the house. A mindfulness training like I haven't found in any meditation. I have always felt that I just need to read more, learn more, but Mamma Zoom is my practice. After half a year I am much closer to myself than I have ever been, and I also feel closer to my children. I am calmer and (in my eyes) a "better" mum, but if I don't think I am, I know I am just tired. And I give myself permission to be that way. For me, the mum zoom is a necessity and a reward at the same time, it's a support and a feeling of security. And almost always after a conversation I can feel acceptance and peace. Thank you!"

"These meetings are an opportunity to stop, reflect, be heard and accepted, to learn not to be afraid of your emotions, to accept them. The group is my safe environment, where I can be completely honest."

"Thank you, Elīna, for creating such a support group, I always feel listened to and supported in difficult moments, it is important to feel that I am not alone, but someone is with me, it helps me to understand my emotions, identity and find answers to many questions that have arisen after having a baby in the family! I love that you are able to explain everything in a scientific and understandable way! It is a great pleasure to be able to share both happy and sad moments!"

"Elina has great calm, understanding, knowledge and wisdom of life. In my weekly calls I felt supported, safe and increasingly confident in myself, my thoughts and that everything is okay. These calls are a great option in this busy, anxious and strange time not to get lost in your own slightly contrived and inflated bubbles. Thank you!"

"If I was sceptical when I applied about whether this support would be good for me, now I can't wait for next week, when the next Mum Zoom will take place. These group calls have made me realise how empowering it is to be in a group of 'insiders'. I have become more compassionate towards myself and I am also able to empathise and accept difference much better."

Class fees:

EUR 240 for all 12 lessons at once.

€67.50 x 4, payable monthly.

Class fees will not be reduced if, for any reason, some classes are not attended. Max 4 mothers per group.

Application: https://forms.gle/BEyb5cBLiPNZZMEw6

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