What is your goal in starting this course? What is your hope for what you would like to get out of this course? How do you want to feel at the end of this course?
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Homework for the last lesson

Develop a new skill in your child by developing their inner speech. Break the task down into smaller steps. Tell what you are doing or what needs to be done. Self-care - describe a problem you have solved. How [...]
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Homework for Lesson 9

Write down the times when you had fun with your child and laughed. Apologise to your child if you were distracted and shouted or reacted in another way that left you feeling it wasn't [...]
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Homework for Lesson 8

TENDER 1.TASK 50 values. Most of them are from Milton Rokeach, but I added a few that I thought might be useful. Your task is to note down the first 10 [...]
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Homework for Lesson 7

Make a list of 14 positive qualities you have. They don't have to be related to great achievements, but rather to manners and things you do well, like baking delicious pancakes, making the angriest [...]
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Homework for Lesson 6

Observe yourself and the rest of your family! Do you manage to stimulate discussions or do you often find yourself interrupting conversations? At one of the meals, ask each family member to tell you about their day! [...]
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Homework for Lesson 5

Child-led play Plan up to 15-20 minutes of play with your child each day. Do what the child chooses. Those who have a child in Year 3 and up - the child will choose for himself, just ask what he [...]
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Homework for Lesson 4

Note down the times when you comforted your child, when he was in pain or worried. Recall and discuss with your partner or a friend or girlfriend the times from your childhood when you spent time [...]
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Homework for Lesson 3

Take care of yourself over the next week. Treat your body to a nice treatment - a bath, sauna, swim, massage. Important! No matter how big or small, [...]
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5-Day Positive Discipline Challenge Guide

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