How to accept your child's emotions in a healthy way?

Parents often ask me how to accept their child's emotions in a healthy way.

It is, first of all, a work on self-knowledge and developing awareness. When a child is experiencing strong emotions, look inwards. What are you feeling? Why? Where in your body are you feeling it? What do you need right now?

As you practice mindfulness, it will take less and less time and make it less likely that your child's strong emotions will trigger conflicting feelings in you. And you will be able to focus on your child's needs in the moment of strong emotions.

Secondly, help your child to be aware of and give words to what he is experiencing. It will take repetition, but children learn faster than adults. You'll soon find that your baby is quicker to name what he's experiencing, while it still takes a lot of effort for you.

Third, let the emotions flow. Everything is fine with your child. Give it time. Breathe. Stay with yourself. Don't get emotional - "it'll pass", "it was nothing", "well, smile", "there's nothing to be angry about", etc.

Fourth, in a calm moment, discuss with the child what can help them now and in the future. Discuss automatic reactions by asking what it is that they want to do. And then suggesting how else it can be obtained, received, so that neither the child, nor other people, nor the environment suffer.

Being aware of your emotions can also help you to be aware of your needs and take care of them.

Several times a year, I run an online session called "My Needs", where we talk more about being aware of your needs. Stay tuned to my social media accounts to make sure you don't miss the class!

But if you want to talk about your needs now, feel free to sign up for PEP Mum Consultation near me 🙂

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